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Help PLEASE 😞😭

Hey guys:) so I am 15, nearly 16 and I still don’t have my period:( everyone in my year hasn’t gotten it and I’m getting really stressed and anxious that I don’t. My mother got hers at 8/9 so very early, however my dad was more of a late-ish bloomer. My cousin got her around 11, so generally no super late periods in my family like me. I have been getting discharge for a very long time, around 2 1/2 years, and have public hair for longer, however no underarm hair. I have a bit of breast development, but I don’t think too much. I’m really really worried something’s wrong, as I have researched about people never getting their period!! I really need some reassurance that it’s all fine!!! Also curious if any other people having the same troubles??

  • Posted by Liloly-44 Capri

    its okay girl everyone is different

  • Posted by carebear64

    Hey girl,

    No worries. My sister actually din’t get hers until she was 16, whereas I got mine when I was 12! My other sister got hers at 13, almost 14. Even though we’re sisters, we all got it at significantly different ages. It’s nothing to worry about. If you’re 18 and still don’t have it, you might want to talk to your mother or a doctor. But until then, you have absolutely NOTHING to worry about.

    Hope this helps,



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