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Help please!!!!!!?

Hey guys A couple of things….. How do you get breasts????? I am 13now and I am still basically flat chested……. A lot of my friends have like boulders, and I have nothing We have to get changed for PE so I where crop tops but I feel really self conscious! How do I get them/ make them bigger??????

  • Posted by Curly.girly

    I am 15 and I felt the same way even now. I always wanted breasts I had nothing, I looked up lots of stuff on how to make them bigger. It was the main thing that I was insecure about. Now having bigger breasts ( not huge) . I learned that waiting helped, I know it can be hard but you just have wait for your time.

  • Posted by Filly


  • Posted by rdummett2

    There’s no way to get bigger breasts. I was always self conscious when it came to breasts. Now I’ve got breasts. Patience always pays off.

  • Posted by Al3x@ndr4

    you could use a push-up bra??? I dont know if at 13 your parents will permit this though… If this is what makes you happy, we’re happy to suggest solutions but you really shouldn’t compare yourself with others. Everybody grows at different rates, in their own ways, so just wait it out and discover good things about being flat chested…. at least you dont have to wear uncomfortable bras 😉

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