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Help pleaseee

heyy, so i’m 14 and ive never had a boyfriend. i’m not sure what i’m asking really but i kinda just want suggestions and support. like i rlly want a boyfriend, and ive been told guys have liked me a couple times, but nothing has ever happened. it’s really frustrating and i just wanna know what i should do to just get guys to notice me and talk to me. also is it like “weird” because i kinda think it rlly is. also is anyone else having the same problems or has anyone had these problems thanks xx

  • Posted by chloexoxo7

    Heyy im 14 too and have a bf, but hadn’t for a while. If boys like you, go for it! Talk to them, and if they’re not your type, try to meet new people. I actually met my boyfriend online, as I tried to set up my friend with him even though I didn’t know him, so give that a go! If there’s no cute guys at your school, try to meet some through friends and social media! Good luck xx

  • Posted by Cheeky123

    #RemovedByUser# I’m 12 and two years ago I was really good friends with this guy, and one day he asked me out. He kept asking me out and my answer was always no, but on the first day of year six I decided I would say yes I waited for him to turn up at school but he never showed. I went home crying that day but was too embarrassed to tell my mum. I had always liked him and I still do. Is that silly?

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