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Help! Really self-conscious about body

I am really self conscious! I am 13 years old all my friends have boobs and I have barely any so I feel like I’m every one judges me because of it. Also I feel like I look like a 9 year old boy!!! Everyone says “don’t worry you will get them eventually” but idk when I will get them. I am embarrassed and I just don’t want to talk to my mum about these things and I don’t have a big sister.

  • Posted by Sophia Flavell

    Don’t worry about your body! I’m 12 and I still look like a little boy! Heh. If you feel self-conscious,doesn’t matter! If people judge ur body, they need to check them-selves!!
    Boobs are not only painful, but a pain in the a**. Enjoy your body while it’s not mature, because there is SO much you can do!! And if you don’t have a big sis, don’t worry! You can always talk to us on Libra!!
    I hope I helped 🙂

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey girl,

    We all grow at different times & it’s totally normal. Your body will do its thing when it’s ready!

    Typically your breasts will bud when you start to go through puberty. Everyone’s different, but puberty usually lasts 2 years, but can take as long as 5 years for all the changes to take place. You may even find you go through other physical changes before your breasts develop. There’s no set plan.

    Not only do they grow to be different sizes, but grow at different rates to those around us. There’s nothing you can do to speed them along, so my advice is to just relax & let your body do the work. No matter what boobs you end up with, know that you’re beautiful!

    And Sophia is right, you can always talk to us!

    If you want some more info, I suggest reading our Puberty or Am I Normal blogs.

  • Posted by CircleCat16

    don’t worry, Sarah!
    I have sooo many friends who haven’t noticed any changes yet! everyone changes at different times and everyone, no matter what size, is beautiful just the way they are. I’m sure no one judges you. they all have much better things to be doing than be nasty.
    and don’t feel too worried about talking to anyone. everyone here on Libra is here for you.

  • Posted by madison white

    don’t worry everyone has felt like that and we all want you to feel like you are not being judged or to feel sad about the way yo look ITS OK!!!!

  • Posted by Billie Dean

    OMG dont wish for big boobs they are terable. you have to do sport which is anoying and when you have big boobs boys look at you in other ways if you know what i mean.

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