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Im fourteen, and everytime I kiss my boyfriend or something like that, I find white stuff in my underwear, it’s gross and smells. I don’t think its my ovulation because that’s only meant to last a week, whereas no matter where I am in my cycle it still happens! What is it, how can I stop it/clean it up? Xx

  • Posted by Missmoody

    Ok first of all breathe there is nothing wrong with you it’s totally normal every girl gets it now and then it’s called discharge, there is no way of stoping it because it’s another sign of showing you that your healthy, to keep it clean just go to your local Coles or Woolies and they will have things in the feminine isle called “panty liners’ it’s just like a really thin barely there pad that will stop the discharge from getting on your underwear but you still need to change it now and then……not as often as you would a pad but change it at least 2-3 times a day….and for the smell there is no ways of keeping the smell away maybe just keep a little roller bottle of perfume in your bag and put in on now and then when you start to smell it also make sure to take showers regularly hope this helps xx

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