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Helpp meeee

So I’m 14 and for some stupid reason I decided it would be fun to go and have a sexual relationship with my boyfriend. We used protection and made sure nothing happened. I’m 4-5 days late with my period and I’m starting to stress out. This has happened before and my doctor said it was basically just stress causing my period to be late but I haven’t been stressing out until now. Idk what to dooo??‍♀️

  • Posted by Kayla.xo

    You could try waiting a little bit longer and see if you period comes because it could be just late, it could also be your hormones simply as stress but if you miss this period or it is really late and you are worried about it I would recommend seeing the doctor, how old were you when you got your first because depending on how long you have had it for , it could be just irregular

  • Posted by girl03

    This has happened to so many girls at my school. Don’t stress yet darling. Wait a little longer and then get a pregnancy test and take it with your closet friend in the bathroom or something and / or go to the doctor 🙂 good luck xxxx

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