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Hes giving me mixed signals

Ok, so theres this boy who is a grade higher then me that i’ve liked for a year now. I’m friends with his sister who is a year older then him {she knows i like him}so on my birthday [it was on a Wednesday] after school i sat with him and his sister while we waited to be picked up from school and he spoke to me for like the first time ever .When they were about to go home I decided to go sit with my other friends across the road so i hugged his sister goodbye and just said goodbye to him [didn’t wanna be forward n get told to backup lol ] but he stood up and hugged me and wished me happy birthday .As i was picking up my school bag he asked what I’m getting for my bday I said probably nothing and started walking to the crossing .There was alot of cars so like i had to wait and when the cars finally cleared and i was about to cross the road he called my name.So we met eachother halfway and he said he got a gift for me and my dumbass was being hell slow and waiting for him to pull out something but instead he put his arms around my waist and kissed me [it took me a while to realize what happened lol] .so then they went home and i went to go tell my friends .But for like the next two he didnt talk to me or greet me.on saturday it was his sisters birthday and me ,him ,her and a a lot of friends went to the mall for dinner .He just hugged me as a greeting but didnt talk to me.around 11 we decided to go this girls house to chill so we order to 2 ubers but there was alot of us so we had to sit on peoples laps .Hes friends told him to let me sit on his lap and they were like hyping him up saying things like heres your chance and i sat on his lap he tried to talk to me but the music was to loud .he wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my shoulder .after a while he just rested his hand on my lap so i put my hand on my lap too rubbing it against his hopping he would talk a hint and hold it .And he did he held my hand and i could hear that he was telling his friends who were sitting next to us [how cute is that] .when we got to the girls house he made me stand with him and his friends but i got bored and tired so i went to sit down [btw we chilling in her yard ]he came to me and asked whats wrong coz i was being quite and im usually loud and ratchet lol .i told him i was cold coz i was wearing a dress so he made me stand up and put his arm around me to keep me warm and we stood with his friends again .after a while he took me to the front of the yard coz he wanted to talk to me alone .he gave me his jacket too.we spoke for like half an hour and then my parents came to fetch me so he walked me to the car and hugged me goodbye .he also hugged me at school once but thats it .he hasnt spoken to me since and i dont know wat it means or what to do .i really like him ughhhh. HELP PLEASE

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