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He’s Taking that friendship a step forward, And i dont know what to do HELP

So there is this guy that is in my class at school. We skype call and text each other when we are not at school. He is like my best friend. And just the other day he told me that he liked me At first I thought it was a prank but then I went onto his account because we had swapped passwords and he had been asking everyone what to do. Now I don’t know what to do as he is wanting to ask me out but if I said yes it would be an awkward relationship as I’m not 100% if I like him that way. All though I think I’m starting to feel that way about him too but then if I said no It would just ruin our Friendship and I would feel bad. As like any other girl, he called me cute and now I am starting to crush on him but I don’t know what to do Please help me

  • Posted by Makkymoo_123

    If you like him u should go out with him, cause u shouldn’t talk yourself out on a great experience. Its also ok to try it out, cause its not a lifelong commitment.

  • Posted by Miayoooo

    if the friendship gets awkward because u said no don’t blame it on yourself, HES the one who made it awkward by saying he liked u lol but I would let him down easy like saying “your a really cool person and I don’t want to hurt you because your my best friend but I don’t like you like that” then meantion that u don’t want the friendship to be awkward now and just stay in tact with him so u guys don’t drift

  • Posted by Miayoooo

    That was a typo I meant to say “if the friendship gets awkward, don’t blame yourself for it, because he’s the one who made it awkward by saying he liked u”

  • Posted by Cheeky123

    It’s better to enjoy small moments then to never experience them so I say go for it!

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