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Hey Girlies

Okay so i have this guy that i like, but he only just recently got out of a relationship, i also just got out of a relationship where the guy now accuses me of ‘abusing’ him. What do i do? I still love the guy that i was in a relationship with but at the same time i like this other guy. Please Help!!

  • Posted by NovaMc

    Hey guurrrl! Take your time in deciding who you like. If you rush yourself, you might regret it later. Think it through and take a moment to think about it with a clear mind. As time goes by you will know what is right. It might take a day, it might take a month. Don’t feel rushed at all. Hope this helped and good luck!

  • Posted by Sumsy

    Meh I’d just go out and slap them both. Sorry had a heck of a bad experience with boys ??

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