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hey girls,
My grandad died when I was about 3 I can hardly remember him and would like to know more about him but I’m unsure about how to bring it up with my dad I talked to my grandma a bit when I was doing a project for school on racehorses (he used to breed and race pacers)but it seemed really hard for he to talk about I am lucky to have a pic of him and Dizzy (one of his horses) but want to know i can find out more
thanks Embo

  • Posted by unicorns_r_real091


    I’m sorry to hear that your grandfather passed away at a young age where you couldn’t have had a nice bond with.

    Just wondering, is there anyone else that knew him? Maybe your mum or possibly older siblings if you have any.

    If not then maybe you could ask your dad. here are some tips
    – make sure that you are clear and direct, be clear as you can about what you think, feel and want from the conversation
    – be honest cuz if u are always honest parents will most likely believe what you say
    – try to understand your dad’s point of view and try not to argue and whine haha


  • Posted by Sarah Rose

    Hey that sounds hard and I am sorry for your loss. I completely agree with unicorns_r_real091. You could ask your Grandma or talk to dad. Also try to understand if he is isn’t ready to talk about it than he isn’t and give him time. Remember there is nothing wrong about wanting to know more about a family member so try to ask him!
    Good luck!

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