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How do I ask my grandma for a bra????

I’m 11, in 6th grade, and live with my grandma. I really think I need a bra. I’ve never even even worn a training bra or croptop. The closest thing to I’ve ever worn to a bra a tank-top. My “n’s” are poking through my shirt and recently I’ve been wearing a tank-top under all my shirts, but that barely helps. It’s been really embarrassing. It’s very awkward to talk to her about anything like bras, periods, ect. I’m afraid she’s going to say no or say I’m to young for one. If she had it her way, she probably wouldn’t ever let me wear a bra until like a year after I’ve started my period. How can I tell her without being awkward? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • Posted by ccink

    Start by asking her just for a crop top or training bra and remember she was you age once and will remember what it was like. just muster up the courage. If talking face to face is too much try writing her a note. Good Luck

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