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How do I tell my crush I like them?

I’ve had a crush on this boy my age for a few months now. Recently I’ve really started to become obsessed with him (not in a creepy way). I used to go to school with him a couple years ago so I sort of know him but we haven’t had much contact. I just started talking to him on facebook 4 days ago. It was only a quick chat because he was leaving to go on a road trip with his family. Then I also talked to him yesterday it wasnt extremely long either because he had to have dinner. I really like him what should I do next?

  • Posted by anongirl123

    I think that you should gradually progress into the conversation, if he leaves to go have dinner text him afterwards and try to have the longest conversation possible, people really base their relationships or beginnings of relationships by staying up and getting into deep conversations, its like a sacrifice of sleep connects you in some way. Ask him about himself but if he doesn’t ask about you don’t bother, try to get into the deep stuff and slowly get onto the topic of relationships, ask him if he has a girl so you don’t go stepping on anyone else’s toes or anything and then just tell him you like him. I hope all goes well.

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