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How do I tell my family?

Hi! So basically my friend gave me the number of her friend that I had liked for a while. He and I have been chatting for a while now and yesterday he asked me out. My parents are really strict and didn’t approve of my last boyfriend who was 2 years older than me. I don’t know how to tell them about my new boyfriend and how to get them to like him?? Please, I’m really confused.

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey girl,

    Ooo yeah, this is a tricky one. I think it’s always best to be honest with your parents and not hide anything from them, because that will only ever cause more issues down the track if they find out that you were lying to them and then they’ll have less of a reason to like your new boyfriend!

    I’d recommend telling your parents that you want to have a mature conversation and sit down with them. Then, tell them that you feel your ready to be dating someone new and that it would be mean so much to you if they could get on board with liking him. You could always write a list of all the positive things about your new boyfriend, and how he’s distinctly different to your last, that they didn’t like. I think if you can highlight why you really like him, why you want them to like him & how he is different to your previous partner, they will definitely respect that you’ve taken the time to consider being honest and transparent with them.

    I hope this helps!! XXX

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