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How do I use Tampons?

I have been trying to use tampons for months now.
I just can’t. Its almost like there is a wall blocking the tampon from getting in.
I have watched so many drawn-tutorials but nothing will work.- And quite often, it hurts when I try and use tampons. This is really annoying because I play water polo for my school and every month I have to miss out on a game which SUCKS!
Anyone… Help?

  • Posted by stargazer 1

    Hey!! Maybe try buying smaller tampons? Are you using an applicator with them? Sorry I’ve never used tampons, so I cant really offer much advice 😂.

  • Posted by NovaMc

    Have you tried using a small mirror to help with it? It is hard to balance the mirror but easier to find where you are going in the long run.
    Hope this helped! Good luck!

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