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how long did you have discharge for!!!!

I have had discharge for close to a year now and was just wondering how long you guys had discharge before you got your first periods.

  • Posted by Cutiepie11

    I totally get u, I don’t know since I have the same thing going on as u

  • Posted by Marshallll

    For me it was around two years

  • Posted by PrincessBubblegum28

    yea I have been getting it every day for the last 5 months and been having it for almost a year now

  • Posted by audreylikesthings

    Hi love. I started getting discharge when I was about 8 or 9 years old, in small amounts. I got my first period when I was a month off turning 12, which is quite a while after. Discharge isn’t always a solid indicator for when your period will first arrive, because you still get discharge after the first one as well. I’ve had my period for almost 5 years now and I still get discharge on the regular. It depends on the person when it comes to how long you have it before your first period. Don’t stress and focus on it too much!

  • Posted by Dove5738

    I had discharge for 2 years before I got my period. I got my period when I was almost 11.

  • Posted by IncredaGirl

    I had it since I was 9 and I’m 13 1/2 and just got my period

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Heyyy!!! About 2-3 years or a bit longer

  • Posted by Mean Girl

    I had it for 7 months

  • Posted by Mean Girl

    You can have it from 6 m- one year

  • Posted by Gharial100

    I got my period out of the blue (over 1.5 years ago). I didn’t even know that discharge is an indicator for how far away your first period is until a few months ago. I still get discharge very regularly though.

  • Posted by vivi123

    I haven’t got my period yet but have discharge for more than a year and half)))

  • Posted by Thegummit

    I had discharge for like 2 years and I just started my period this week.

  • Posted by Mariamlove

    i had discharge for a couple off months. And its been forever since now im forgetting the meaning of discharge can someone tell me

  • Posted by Bek05

    Yeah im wondering the same thing ive had mine for 2 yrs its getting heavier and thicker i think but when will i actually get my period??!! im getting other symtons like lower back pain and breast development but how long do i wait??!!

  • Posted by BanannaBear99

    Ive had dischare for about five months and im showing all the other signs of getting a period and I want one REALLY badly but I still havent gotten it and I don’t know what to do to make it come faster 🙁

  • Posted by XxFP

    So I’ve had discharge for about 4 months now and I’m showing all the symptoms like back pain, bloating, ect. I also think I had brown discharge or spotting all over my underwear!!! It looked like crap but I hadn’t gone to the toilet that day can someone help me?

  • Posted by ccink

    I have had it for 2 and a bit years and still no period it,s increased in amount a lot tho i have to wear liners now

  • Posted by Chloe Squires-Cook

    I had discharge from when I was about 11 and I had it for a year and got my periods about May and have nearly had my periods for a year now and you still get discharge even in between your periods x

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