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How old were you we you got your period?

So I’m 13 and I still don’t have my period! So wounding what sort of symptoms did you have just before getting your period? So I will have a better idea if I’m going to get it soon. ?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Mazie, I was 12 but it’s totally different for everyone! I remember having a cramping feeling in my lower abdomen a couple days before. I thought I had eaten something bad! Then I just had this urge to go to the toilet & there it was… hello period! Try not to worry, because when you get it, you’ll see there was nothing to stress about! Gem x

  • Posted by Mazie_Kate

    Thanks, gemmah I will look out for cramps! ??

  • Posted by Umbrella09

    Hey Mazie,
    I was ten. I didn’t have many symptoms up until I got it and then I felt like I had been hit by a bus the cramps were so bad! I had a REALLY heavy first period, but it lightened up after that.

  • Posted by Bethany Nicholson

    I was 2, horrible experience for my family and I.

  • Posted by Pink Milk

    I was 11 when I got mine. When you have it, you might feel stomach pains or feel more tired than usual.

  • Posted by smiley4884

    I was the same age as my mum which was 13 but she got hers the year she turned 13 but i got mine the year i was turning 14.

  • Posted by Mimi Peake

    I was 12 earlier this year. RIP

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