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How to ask mum for a bra?

So I know that I really need a proper bra and I have crop tops and padded sports bras and stuff but I don’t know how to ask my mum for a proper bra. We are not that close and she’s really awkward when it comes to puberty

  • Posted by jhart7979

    just go up to her and like say “Hey mum I feel that I might need like more support for my chests like a bra” or something like that just like start talking about bras and stuff

  • Posted by Amy_Magee13

    Your mum went through the same thing so she will probably be more understanding about it. It is natural and even if your mum is awkward about the whole puberty thing, she will get over it.

  • Posted by gabby923

    I know exactly how you feel. The same thing happened with my mum and me, but I needed crop tops and I was 11. One day I walked up to mum and I said “Hey mum, can you buy me a training bra?” She was a bit embarrassed but she said yes.

  • Posted by Mean Girl

    Well first you should take the size test, which you find out what size bra you will actually need e.g A B. if she is really that awkward you could ask to go with some friends. If she is not that kind of mum there are really flat bras in certain crop top sections. Ask to go “crop top shopping and pick out that. A week later or so say you would like more like that and by a bra. Or you could go with a grandma

  • Posted by Casual_Maggie

    If you don’t want to directly and seriously ask her upfront, this is a suggestion: Next time you go shopping and you are near the bras just hop in there and have a lil look around, then get your mum’s attention and say something like “Umm, i think I need some sort of bra” or “which one do you like?” or “do you think i could get a bra from here?”. I don’t know, just a suggestion 🙂 Good luck

  • Posted by Samasmokey

    MY mums the same with this stuff. What I did was I mentioned my friend getting a bra and she just got me one then

  • Posted by emmarm12

    I feel super awkward asking my mum as well! I am 14 and have like 2 bra’s that aren’t even the right fit for me. I do have a few sport bra’s tho. I really wanna ask my mum but it’s hard. She has mentioned it to me before but she only does it around my younger sisters. I have asked my mum multiple times not to tell any of my sisters my girl problems but she still does. Anyone have ideas about what to do?! x

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