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How to get rid of stains?

Hey! Smoking has affected my teeth badly. There are severe stains on my teeth and I feel ashamed to smile in the public. I was a chain smoker and I managed to quit that habit. But I’m not able to get rid of the stains. I tried some home remedies like rubbing with orange peel, oil pulling, brushing with baking soda, etc. but there is no result. I know all these remedies will take time to show the result. Since I need a fast result I’m considering [url href=]cosmetic dentistry services from a clinic in Mississauga[/url]. I know teeth whitening gives the fast result but I’m worried about the expenses. How much does it cost? IS it worth spending money? I have heard mixed reviews regarding teeth whitening. Are there any other ways o get rid of the stains? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!

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