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how to help my friend

I’ve got this friend. She has been having a rough time at home and I’m not sure how to help her. Her parents are split. Her mum was away in Thailand for 6 months and came back for 10 days before leaving again. Her dad just came back from India. Her parents are never around, always leaving unexpectedly. They love her but they just arent around. On top of that she has two younger siblings she has to try look after, and school, and she works several nights a week at her parents restaurant. The thing is my friend isn’t exactly an open book, and we arent super duper close, but I care about her. How do I help her?

  • Posted by roamingmorgan

    Try reaching out to her. Maybe ask how she’s going or if you can help. Or you can help her family-unrelated. Help her with homework or studying… Or you could find out if she has any relatives to come help to look after them.

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