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I am almost 14 and still no period. HELP!!

Hi, so I am turning 14 in a few months and I still don’t have my period. I know that everyone is different but I have heard people say that you get it between one year older or one year younger from when your mum got hers. My mum was 10 when she got hers and I am 13 about to turn 14. Not to be saying TMI but I have had breasts for over 2 years and I have also had discharge for over 1 year. I also have noitced that I am getting more discharge than usual. I also have not experienced any cramps, bloating or tender breats yet. So bascically I just need someone to tell me if I am close to getting it or not. Thanks!!!

  • Posted by starstar14

    It doesn’t necessary go like that. My mum got her periods when she was 17. EVERYONE is different

  • Posted by ArcherPro3000

    I know how u are feeling! I did not get my period untill 4 months after I turned 14. It will come don’t worry just always carry a pad with you wherever u go! Not everyone experiences bloating, tender breasts or cramps , for myself I experienced none before my first period! It just showed up on day. The amount of discharge I had was my only signal, so for you it may mean it’s on it’s way! If you don’t get your period before you turn 16 you may want to see your docter but don’t worry you still have plenty of time to get it before then! Good luck

  • Posted by CA1234

    Thank you guys very much!!!! This helped me alot!!

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