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I don’t feel fit and I want to change it! Please help!

Hi girls! I have this goal that at the end of this year, I amgoing to be fitter. Yes. That means lose the big blob in my tummy, get a thigh gap, be able to run around and not be puffing less than one minute later, etc. So, I was wondering if you have any tips to help me get fitter. I don’t want to be one of those gym junkies, or even step inside a gym, because that will DEFINITELY make me feel like crap. And, I know, there are heaps of websites out there about fitness and what you can do at home and stuff, but they either 1) make me feel really bad about myself, or 2) don’t seem to work.  Please help! I keep pushing this for next month, or next year, or tomorrow, or next week, or… you get the picture. I feel like this has gone too long and I am going to change that. Thank you!

  • Posted by Casual_Maggie

    There is adifference between wanting to be fit and wanting a good body shape. For fitness run, it is one of the best and thankfully, simple things you can do. for body shape. it’s kinda all about the diet, i’m not saying to go on a dangerous diet i just mean cutting out sugars and avoiding things high in sodium, I’m only 13 but i know this stuff, good luck!

  • Posted by Emicro xx

    Yeah, there is a difference between being fit and having the body shape you want. Just make a goal and remind yourself what you want and why you want it. You can do it!!! We believe in you!!!

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