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i am 13 and i dont have my period !!! help i dont know whaty to do

  • Posted by strcwberry

    hi girls, same here. try talking to your mum/mother figure about it. my mum didn’t get hers till she was 16!! it comes different to everyone. also if you talk to a few of your friends about it you’ll realise that they will most likely envy you for not having your period! hope this helps x

  • Posted by stephj0204

    Maybe your period is just the last thing in the list of puberty things that you get for you

  • Posted by Wradendi

    Do not worry, it happens, in different ways[url href=http://https//],[/url] for different reasons. Check with older women, maybe even steep ones.

  • Posted by Dred234

    Yes, I think there can be many reasons, I even heard nerves or something else[url href=http://https//].[/url] You should go to the doctor and talk to him!

  • Posted by Deep_Iris

    Its completely natural for girls to get their periods at different times, I wanted mine so badly and I got it yesterday and it already sucks (I’m 14)

  • Posted by #awks_sls

    I’m 15 and only just got my period. A lot of my friends were trying to exclude me and made group chats without put me because of it. It didn’t bother me too much but it just got annoying when my so-called best friend went in on it. I felt happy when I first got it and I think that it made me feel older. Before I got it, I had asked my mum when she got it and she, and most of her side of the family all got it around 15-16. Ask your mum when she got it and then you should know approximately but it isn’t always the case. Good luck <3

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