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I feel like an outcast

I feel like my friends are so different around me now. They are distancing me so much and i dont know what to do. one was really depressed and suicidal and i have helped her through all of that and now she is bein so so bitchy and rude to me. I feel like im the only one in my school that cares about my grades and school. I just feel different. and i put so much pressure on myself, i feel like i fail if i get anything but an A. that is so difficult, because no one seems to understand. on top of it all, i am trying to learn to love myself, work on my body for me. to make me happy and healthier, but i cant when i am surrounded by negativity and i feel like i dont belong. the only place i feel like i belong is with my online friends. i want to feel like i belong, but i just dont, and that is taking such a toll on me.
thatnks for reading if you read, any advice would be great xx

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    is this Deserae?

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