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I haven’t had a period and its nearly the end of the year and I’m 14

I haven’t had my period yet and I’m starting to worry cause I’m one of the oldest in my year and still haven’t had one. What do i do?

  • Posted by keeponsmilingx

    I wouldn’t worry too much as all of our bodies our different, and your period comes when your body is ready for it. First, check with your mum what age she got her period. For example, if your mum got her period at 13, the age range would be 12-14. I wouldn’t be to worried right now unless their is no signs of puberty. Do you have boobs? Hair down their? Ask yourself those questions. If it really does worry you, talk to your mum about going to the doctor etc. hope this helped 🙂 !

  • Posted by bellaboo32

    #RemovedByUser# I know this is a bit cleishay, but everyone’s bodies [i]are [/i]different. Some people start their first period at aged 8, some people don’t start till 17 years old even! My best friend is nearly fourteen and she got her period three days after [i]me[/i], and I’m younger than her (12). I know a YouTuber named Chloe Couture, and she didn’t get her first period until she was 17, and she’s completely normal. Don’t worry, you’ll get it soon.

  • Posted by emmarm12

    dont stress. Every girl’s body is different. Be patient It’ll come soon. Make the most of your time before you get it. Take this advice now otherwise you may regret not taking it.

  • Posted by Waffles85

    Don’t worry!! Some people get there periods a little later. I haven’t had my period yet, so I might get when I’m 14 too. Don’t worry to much you just have to wait. Some people say people who start later then others are luck. So who know’s.

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