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i like a guy but he's my ex's friend

hi okay. so um wow. uh i dated this dude last year and he was really into me. ( BUT i liked his friend for a while the year before) And i don’t think i was quite ready for a relationship. but i felt soooo bad for him so i said yes. here’s that aprt where i sound so horrible. he would always ask me to like go out and hang out. but i have strict parents and i don’t think they would allow me to hangout with my boyfriend or even a guy. after like 2 or 3 months we had a fight cause he thought that i wasn’t that invested into the relationship as he was. GOD WHY AM I SO MEAN. all the time while i was dating my bf i liked his friend. why am i like this. i wanna cry. but in present time, i still like my ex’s friend. gosh im a horrible and malicous person.

so i just wanted advice on what i should do and i really needed to get that out because i haven’t told anyone

  • Posted by Umbrella09

    Hey gurl! Probs felt great to get that out! Um, I’m not really sure…..does ur crush like u back? Any hints? If not, I mean just don’t do anything (except maybe flirting 😉). Bye 4 now! Xx

  • Posted by maddie1208

    Maybe you should talk to your ex, and make sure there’s no bad blood between you two and clear some misconceptions up. Also, like Umbrella09 said, does your crush like you back? There could be something between you two 🙂

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