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i like my best friend, oops

ok, so a bit of background before we get started…
i have a best friend – let’s call her olive – that i’ve known since we were both three. we’ve always been super close and we hardly ever fight (well, one time she told my crush that i liked her…but that’s another story). last year, a new girl came to my school – we’ll call her summer. olive and summer became really close and all of a sudden, she was hanging out with summer more than me (i’ll post more about that under ‘girlfriends’). anyway, summer and olive are both in my class this year, and summer and i became really close. just as i was getting over my ex, i came to a horrible realization: i liked summer. so, of course i was freaking out because a) she’s one of my best friends and b) she’s not single. in fact, she has a girlfriend of almost two years and there’s no way i can break them apart (they’re actually so cute together and we all ship it). i know i could just ignore it and hope it goes away, but usually the only way i can get over someone is by telling them. there is one exception, my first girlfriend. i told her that i liked her and she liked me back and blah blah we started dating. but again, i’m getting off topic. anyway, i’m just asking, what can i possibly do to get over the girl? i could very well be in love with her, but i nothing could ever happen. let me know what i should do, because i am extremely conflicted with this.

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