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I need advice, HELP!!

So… I have crush on my ex… and I’m pretty sure he likes me but I’m not sure. I want to ask him if he likes me… but I’m scared he’s gonna say no. Also h just broke up with his girlfriend so I don’t know if I should ask him or not. And my friends hate him as well… please give me some advice!

  • Posted by jhart7979

    I think if he is open/free totally go for it!!! Um.. you could always get one of your friends that don’t hate him to ask him if he like you or not, My friends do it all the time to me so don’t worry about it. And if your friends don’t want to do it i say just start a convo with him one day and then let out hints that you like him and ask him to play like truth or dare or something and then ask him to tell you who he like or you could just go up to him and just ask if he likes you????? Ans you could always ask one of is friends too!!!

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    I think you should think about how he became your EX in the first place and why your friends hate him. But if you really think you two still have a chance on getting back together then why not just talk about it over coffee or something.

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