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Okay so I dont know if this is normal but my best friend has huge boobs and I have none. Not that its a good thing to have big ones but I just really want to grow them with her and we can be in the process together (i know that sounds corny but still). She is always showing them off and I just wish I could have bigger ones. So im looking up ways to make them bigger. Is that normal or am I just weird?

  • Posted by Ally Danen

    well there is really nothing you can do about it but you can get bras with padding it might help

  • Posted by Anonymous

    Nope, not weird! I legit felt the exact same way. Actually, me and my friend were growing at the same rate, but I was sooo much smaller than my sisters (like I was a 3ob and they were 30ddd and 30dddd) and I wanted to fit in with them. It sucks, but what I did was I only wore clothes that are me feel confident, and I never looked in the mirror if I didn’t feel good that day, just so that I didn’t beat myself up.

    It’ll get better, I promise !

  • Posted by Heidi Good

    You should be happy with your Bodie, everyone is different, in the mean time, you’ll have her to help you when you begin your progress with growing breasts (boobs)

    I hope this helped ?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey girl! Everyone has given some great tips and advice. Ahhh boobs… As much as we may want them to grow or stop growing, they play by their own rules.

    They come in different shapes & sizes, & can grow quickly or more gradually. Breasts can begin to develop at age 10, or they may not start until age 16. There’s nothing you can do to hurry them along, so just relax & things will naturally (& normally!) take place.

    Everyone’s unique & so are your boobs. It’s important to celebrated & love your uniqueness!

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