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I Need Some Advice – HELP!

hi! i need some advice!  so, recently my pubic hair has been falling out. (not a lot, but I’m a worry wart)  could something be seriously wrong with me or is it normal to loose some pubic hair? I’m 14, please help me. I worry ALOT, and I want to shut down all the scary thoughts like  “I have cancer” or “THIS IS HORRIBLE!!” please please please please help!!!

  • Posted by Kayla.xo

    you could try talking to your mum or someone close to you and if it seems like a concern to your mum or whoever you might talk to about I would recommend going to the doctor to get it checked out

  • Posted by brookec.

    If you are anything like me then you are to afraid to tell your mom anything. I would say go on google

  • Posted by Lulu_Lemon

    I wouldn’t actually recommend googling symptoms as this can often make you more worried but there are some medical sites around I’m sure would be cool

  • Posted by MynameisMikayla

    I think depended on how much it is is what is to be worried about, because occasionally i lose pubic hair but it stopps after a litttle while. But if it just doesnt stop maybe talk to a super close friend or your mum

  • Posted by Chloe Squires-Cook

    it happens to me as well its absolutely fine and there is nothing wrong with it its just normal xx

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