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I need some advice!

On my first period I was absolutely fine to not make a mess. But my second, third and fourth period have been quite messy. When I say messy I mean my pads just don’t seem to work, they end up getting crumbled up from me moving around after half an hour then I end up getting blood all over my underwear. Does anyone have any tips for me to stop this from happening? Or should I just start using tampons?

  • Posted by Jazothea

    First thing is to make sure you are using pads with wings if this happens to you. And maybe change the size of pad you are using to better suit the undies you wear, so they don’t move around as much. Perhaps sport pads would allow you to move without this problem. You could use tampons but they can leak too if they are full, and it’s better to vary and not use tampons 100% if the time. 🙂 Hope this helps

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