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I need some help

okay,i need to get free libra products because i have a blog and i like blogging about my type of products i use. my favorite are libra but my mum hates buying them. we are going through a bit of a financial problem and thats why mum cant buy them. PLEASE can you please send me a box of regular tampons with applicators, some slim regular tampons, some overnight libra girl pads and some libra girl regular pads and some libra regular pads. PLEASE HELP A SISTER IN NEED. all of the other brands give me allergic reaction. please help me. please reply.

  • Posted by Anonymous

    Hey, you can sign up to trustworthy sites and they give you free samples in the mail x

  • Posted by Mean Girl

    You can order them from your profile

  • Posted by Mean Girl

    I am not 100% sure because I ordered first thing but I heard you go to account details and you can order them

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