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I think I got it…

I think I got my period because I found a brown spot in my undies. I talked to my mum about it as I was so shocked in the moment.

I am only 11 and I don’t know if that is very early. I am so scared and have both my parents support but I am just terrified.

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Willow!

    The brownish colour is caused when your discharge mixes with a little bit of menstrual blood. It’s totally okay & a sign your body is getting ready for the monthly routine. Keep an eye out for cramps & feeling a bit irritable. These are signs that your period is on its way!

    Everyone is unique, which means when we get our periods is completely unique too. Whilst most people experience their first period around the ages of 12 & 14, it can occur anytime between 9 & 17! There are a few signs which can hint at when your period may arrive. These include discharge (that whitish fluid in your undies), your breasts developing, your hips getting wider & hair growing under your arms & down there!

    Periods are TOTALLY normaL, AMAZING & there is no need to be scared of it! You’ve got this, girlfriend! x

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