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I think?? (PLEASE READ!)

So I’m a straight girl. I have always been straight and I’ve never really questioned it. But I have this friend, she’s one of my really close friends actually, and she’s bi, and she has had a crunch on me before, and I don’t think she does now, but I think I might have some sort of feelings for her. And I don’t really know how to sort through that. I don’t want to talk to her about it, because, well, you know. And the only other friend I can talk to about it would go and tell her straight away. Or at least pressure me into telling her. And I’m still not sure whether or not I really do like her or not. It’s so confusing. But yeah, I think there is a chance I might be bi. And I need advice, and help. Please.

  • Posted by Kayla Smith

    Oops I meant *crush*.

  • Posted by holly brown

    don’t overthink!!
    if you feel for her, or not, you can always just explore things and see how things go, there is no harm in it! if you’re worried about losing her as a friend, whatever happens it will end up alright 🙂 it’s natural to get feelings and explore, especially going through puberty. don’t get hung up on labels xx

  • Posted by Anonymous

    Take it slow! Take some time to think about your feelings and you might come to a conclusion. If you don’t, that’s totally fine! Go with the flow and see how it goes, these kinds of things can come quite naturally. If you do like her, try and bring your feelings into a conversation somehow. You don’t have to yell “I LIKE YOU” from the highest building you can find, but if you can find another more subtle way to talk to her about it (if you feel comfortable) then that’s awesome! Good luck! PIK xxx

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