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I wease near my crush

I have asma and my crush wears some body spray  that makes me wease as I call it and people tease me about it like you can’t brathe around him you like him so much and my friend said to stay away but he ask me to go to the movies with him even though I wease I don’t know whether to tell him or what because it get worst and worst each time

  • Posted by Cinna bun 3418

    You should tell him.

  • Posted by embo

    just let him know

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Zoella1399, Aw that’s so great that he asked you to the movies. But it won’t be fun if you are weasing the whole time. I would definitely tell him, he won’t mind and will totally understand. Just mention to him that you have asthma and are sensitive to heavy deodorants/ body sprays and that it would really help you if he didn’t wear as much, or any at all.
    Don’t be embarrassed it’s totally normal, and he will understand.
    Maybe you should also let your friends know that you don’t like being teased about it either, and that it makes you upset. They shouldn’t be teasing you for something you can’t control. Hope this helps girl xx

  • Posted by Bethany Nicholson

    Hey honey
    I have that exact problem. I sneeze non stop when im around my crush and sometimes poo my pants. So embarrassing lol!! Anyways I told him when im around him, he. doesn’t talk to me anymore but. im happy I got it off my chest xx

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