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Hi there,
So last year there was this boy at school who was in the class next to mine, both of our classes would spend time together like for sports or just to hang out on Friday afternoons before the bell rings for home time. I don’t really know him but since half why through last year ,if he didn’t show up at school one day I would start wondering where he is. Once on a Wednesday morning I was late for my viola classes and my viola teacher came into my class and took me outside and started yelling at me saying stuff like why didn’t you come why do you wag viola classes all the time, even though I was late and had to go to the library to return my books before I went to class. I had enough and told her that I wanted to quit viola classes now, and it hurt me to say those words when I loved playing a viola so much she took me to the music room and got me to sign a form. And when I signed the form this is what she said to me “that I was not a good viola player and I should have quit earlier”, none of my primary viola teachers said that to me and I had been playing a viola for 3 years now and was so good at it I had started when I was 10. So I returned to class with some of my friends while crying , because I hate being yelled at. When I reached my class I found that my class and the class from next door were working on a project together but I was so upset that I went straight to the bathroom. And at break some of the boys from next door came up to me and asked if I was ok and I said I was fine even though I wasn’t, for some reason I felt like he sent them over to ask because he saw me when I walked into class crying.
Soon at the end of the year I found out that I am starting to like him, and on facebook I searched him up and found out his full name and who his siblings were and his older sister was the one who had helped me at the hospital when I had a panic attack.
But now he is in high school and I am still stuck in intermediate year 8, I forgot to mention that he is older then me, but I don’t know what high school he goes to and I don’t even know him that well I tried texting him on Insta but no replies.
really hope I might meet him next year at high school.
What should I do???😣😥😊
thx Shanya

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