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So, There’s this guy at my school who I actually really like. All I know about him is his name. I’ve spoken to him like twice and it was like a 30 second conversation. I don’t think he has instagram or anything like that so I can talk to him. So my best friends BF (lets call him “J”) is friends with my crush and I asked J what my crushes name was. J told me and then started freaking out asking if I likes him. I told J I didn’t. J’s my only way of finding out more about him but I’m worried that if I ask him my chances will be ruined with my crush I have no experience with guys (except that one time when I was 4 and I got married) and I don’t get to see him for another 4 weeks (school holidays) I need some advice. please help! Also sorry if this is a bit confusing 😀

  • Posted by HappyLittleCamper

    Just be yourself around him and if he dosent like that HE IS NOT WORTH ANYTHING!!!!!! and about “J” if he is your real friend i say tell him the truth instead of trying too remember what you lied to “J”

  • Posted by HappyLittleCamper

    Oh and also it is not confusing to me 🙂

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    Thank you both and as soon as school starts again I will go for him 😉

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    Just be yourself. Don’t try to be someone your not. That’s probably my best advice. 🙂 Go for it! Hope that helps!

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    If you know only that much about him, you should probably take your time. Get to know him more, if you can, talk to him more often, and also if you’re not scared, tell J about him. But then again, telling J could be a risk, since anyone could turn against you and leak your secret. Just saying… Anyway, my advice is to just wait, let things go by slowly before making your decision. This is irrelevant, but you were married at 4?! Anyway, good luck!

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