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Idk if this is normal? Help pleasee

So since I was about 10 years old (now 13) I’ve had discharge every single day since then. I’ve read that people have discharge for years but do you get it EVERYDAY for years? I also still haven’t got my period ? Just to know that it is normal to have milky white discharge everyday? Thank youu.

  • Posted by Jessica Bell

    I always have it before and after my periods, maybe you should go and ask your doctor about it.

  • Posted by Crisse

    Well, I have had my period for 1 year roughly now, and it is still irregular. For example, it never comes at the right time, it is always a month or two late. Why is this?

    • Posted by Firefly

      Crisse I had a similar problem. My period was always irregular and very long as in over 2 weeks. I went to the doctors and they found out I had iron deficiency. They gave me ferro liquid and some pills which helped. They gave me the option to use the pill but I didn’t want to. They gave me a list of lots of foods I could eat to help increase my iron as well. I would recommend going to the doctors and telling them what’s going on and they will be able to help you and give you an idea of what’s happening. It is common for your period to not be completely settled until you’re about 15 they told me as well.

  • Posted by Magic Girl

    Perfectly normal

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