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im bi

so i recently discovered that i get feelings for both boys and girls. I think its mainly boys but a week or so ago i developed really strong feelings for this girl. We were on this choir week long workshop thing and our dorms were next to each other. She kind of hinted at being gay a couple of times but i can’t be sure. She is the most gorgeous person i have ever met but lives on the other side of the country and i wont get to see her for another year. we would hold hands and i slept in her dorm for the last couple of nights. Also when i say holding hands i dont mean in a friend way i mean in a we went for a walk around a lake and held hands the entire time way. But i still don’t know if she likes girls but i am sooo falling for her but also i feel like we’ve drifted since the camp ended and i just feel so empty and i cant even tell my “bestfriend” any of this because i feel like she is kind of homophobic. So yeh. Thats me.

  • Posted by Shakira Evans

    I’m Bi to

  • Posted by madison white

    omg I just discovered I was bi I can’t tell my mum or dad or anyone I really wanna talk so please reply!!

    • Posted by Kaity Kelly

      I would be happy to talk to anyone who needs help

  • Posted by Kaity Kelly

    Hi I would be really happy to talk to you if you need because I’m in a similar situation except my mum is homophobic

  • Posted by Jimmy Tito

    Whatever happens,stay true to yourself sister. ?(* ̄3 ̄)╭

  • Posted by Jimmy Tito

    Btw i am too

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