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I’m confused…

Hey guys. So pretty much I was talking to this guy for a few months. We met off a few friends on Instagram and we never actually met in person. We flirted and over time, we bagan to really like each other. Then I started noticing him putting up snaps of him FaceTiming girls (I have no problem with it but he was making it really annoying) and when I would ask to FaceTime he would say he was busy. Then he started commenting on this girls insta photos stuff like I love you, so I questioned him about it and he stopped talking for a bit, telling me he needed a break from his phone. So then tonight I messaged him because he joined my live video and he told me that he had a girlfriend. He has been with her for a month. He told me that he couldn’t have done long distance (I live in NZ and he lives back home in Aus because I moved) and I understood that…but then he told me that his girlfriend lives in America… Is it just me or is this totally unfair? Am I overthinking this? I liked him a lot and I feel like he just used me. But anyways, I hope you all have a lovely day/night! You can follow me on Insta if you want maddycummings1 xx

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    You’re right – that’s totally unfair! You should cut all contact with him to be honest, he sounds like a player and not a nice guy. Move on with your life girl, you’re better than him and you can find better than him 🙂 Hope all goes well xx

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