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I’m dating a 6 year old

Ok…time to get this off my chest. I’m dating my best friends younger brother.and He Lovez me. And i mean cant get over me love. And i dont know how to break it to him we have to break up. I was just having a little joke when we pretended to date. And now he thinks we actually are a thing. And i know if i tell him he will cry. Literally!! So please help. Don’t pick on me for playing a little joke that went to far.

  • Posted by Waffles85

    Please help me I am trying to figw this out… before tomorrow…..

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Wow, are you sure? Maybe you’re taking it the wrong way, and he just “loves” you in a friend kind of way? I think you could talk to your friends about it, but the best way would be to tell his parents. Since he’s only six, I think his parents should be able to tell him without making him too sad. I don’t think you should tell him yourself though, because he might either not take it seriously, or he might cry. Good luck!

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