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I'm really confused

Um so I’m pretty confused, so I was dating someone that I had liked since year 4 I’m in year 9 now btw anyways so I was dating him for like three weeks and he clearly wanted more then me he kept trying to hold my hand and tried to kiss me a couple times and so one day I was with my friends and I was having mixed feelings about dating him he came over and sat with me and my friends were talking and one of my friends said she was hungry and he turned around and said that’s because your so fat and when he said that my friend ran off crying so I ran off with her to make her happy and then he came over to us and said that if they were truly my friends and truly love me like he does then she would have just taken it and that if she does something like this again he will have to break up with me and that was wrong and I knew that I had to dump him then so I did that same day and so that was all over and I came to school the next day and he had been spreading rumours that he dumped me and that I was sad and I was crying and that I was begging him to take me back (which I wasn’t) and now I’m so confused about what to do because he was being really rude calling me a bitch and he punched my friends let’s call her A in the face when she was talking to one of our shared friends. So how do I make everything better. IM SO CONFUSED. HELP PLEASE

  • Posted by Pink Milk

    seems like u had an awful day, girl 🙁 i promise u, it will get better soon. it sounds like this guy was a pure asshole. have you told him to stop yet or made him apologise?
    if i were you, i would completely cut off ties with him.

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