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I'm so confused…Help pls

So uhm there’s this guy I like he’s like a lil younger than me ( I’m December 5 he’s December 10) so we have a pretty good relationship as friends though a lot of stuff happened and I’ll just tell you some stuff that happened between us. We started talking to each other ever since the day we were chosen to sit next to each other in class , we sat like girl boy girl boy and that time I was excited because one of my friend were also sitting next to me it was a girl which I will tell u more about her later. Anyway once I sat he said to me “hi” and I literally froze u know that moment like in cartoons when a girl sees a boy they like and they do this “I’m thinking about u without a shirt on right now”face well….that was me then. So I’m literally frozen yeah and I’m thinking in my head “say something he’ll think your weird!” so I try to say “hi”…but I end up doing this weird sound lol anyway he laughed and I laughed too and he started asking me questions and I answered them. We soon found out we had a lot in common and became great friends , Now my other best friend lets just call her Amy, so she got jealous because I was talking to him more than her and because she liked Him too. She would start making lies about me saying that I made fun of him while I didn’t and he would stop talking to me, ‘d ask what’s wrong but he wouldn’t reply and instead swear and make fun of me because I’m tall and I wear glasses but then ofc we would figure it out and when I’d ask Amy she would say she didn’t say any of those stuff which is just annoying. Anyway this one time I kind of once asked him out and that was the worst day for me ever because he rejected me and said he wasn’t ready for a relationship , nowadays we spend a lot of time together and most people say “oooh so cute!!” and “You guys should be dating” which makes me anxious. I’m confused because well he said he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship but he treats me as if we’re in one , he even once held my hand and I blushed nowadays he spends less time with me for some reason and more with Amy he would usually switch like spend time with me then with Amy in my head I’m like “Its on gurl” so this one time he joked and said “Your so cute can I kiss u?” then he’s said “I’d date u if I could.”but for me in my thoughts knowing that I like him I was like “he cold date me if he could what does that even mean???” I’ve written a lot sorry .. and btw these days I am going to school looking all cute and fresh just to make him want me more BUT I should stop writing My love life is complicated I really need your advice thank u so much for reading ilysm!! Byee.

  • Posted by Leanna Jayne

    hey girl,
    if you want my advice, keep doing what your doing! If he’s thinking about dating and kissing you so much that he says it out loud he obviously has something for you. Boys find it hard to open up about feelings so what they say is usually true. But also please be careful. If he’s still talking to Amy like he’s talking to you then he probably is just playing you guys. And if that’s the case then you guys should gang up and both leave him. But my advice for now is to keep doing what your doing. And if it does all turn to crap then remember that it will all blow over. When we’re young we over think things and get worried but we need to remember that one day we’ll look back and laugh about it xxx

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