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i’m so lonely

I had lots of friends but its the end of the year and i’m going into middle school, now everyone separated and gone into groups. I’m always alone, my bestfriend is now popular and i’m… me. I sit alone and am lonely and depressed. maybe i’m not good enough is it because i’m ugly or fat whats wrong with me

  • Posted by embo

    hi I sometimes feel like that just so you I did not have any friends till year 3 also last year when I stared year7 Iwas in a class with nun of my friends there were 2 girls from my primary school but they had been bullying me the year be for so oviseill I was far from thrilled but Then I got picked on more and more the teacher was not doing anything thing about it anyway in the end my mum talked to the school and I switched classes but then at least I had my best friend from primary school my advice to you is to stop trying to hang on to your old friends and look around for people who don’t seem to have others around them

  • Posted by warrior_angel

    I think that you’re not fat or ugly even though I’ve never met you or seen what you look like before. Try to love yourself more,stop being so mean on your self, all I think is that you could stop sitting by yourself and get out there and start by asking if you can hang with someone. And you never know you might end up with some new friends.
    Hope it helps.

  • Posted by Anonymous

    I’ve been in a similar situation, don’t you worry. It’s a time in your life where friendships change SO MUCH. Quite often, you’ll find a lot of stuff in common with the people closest to you. If you’re looking to make more friends, I definitely recommend joining clubs and groups who do things that you’re interested in. You’ll meet lots of new people and you never know, you could meet some new best friends! I’m sorry you and your best friend are drifting, I know that’ll seem rough right now but it might be for the best. Try and keep up your friendship if you feel it’s the right thing to do, but it’s okay to move on if that’s what happens. Don’t put yourself down girl, I’m pretty sure we’ve never met but I know that you are beautiful.
    Things will be weird right now but I can promise that everything will turn out alright.
    Love, PIK. xx

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