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I'm the rebound girl, give me advice plsssss

Okay so theres this guy that i’ve liked for over 2 years now and when i first started to like him we would talk heaps and were pretty close and then out of the blue he goes ‘just thought i’d let you know that i’m not looking for a girlfriend at the moment’ which didn’t bother me too much because i wasn’t really ready to date anyone at that point. Anyway fast forward to about half way through last year, We were talking everyday for months then he just stopped talking to me to chase after this other girl that was in the year below us. She would continue to lead him on then get another boyfriend and then the guy i liked would come running back to me and give me mixed signals again, this kept going for months. Anytime this girl is single he runs after her and then continues to get his heart broken. I just wish he wasn’t so blinded by this girl to realise he has someone right here who cares about him so much. We’ve never dated but theres been multiple times when my friends have said that we were technically dating we just hadn’t officially said anything. Any advice? should i give him more chances or leave him and find someone else?

  • Posted by jhart7979

    I think you should talk to him and ask him who he really does like. And also it’s kinda rude for him to be doing that to you like chatting you up then goes after another girl to then just to come back to you.

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