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Inappropriate doctor?

Hi guys, I just went to the doctors because I have a cold and the doctor asked to hear my chest using a stethoscope. I lifted up my top (as he asked) and he listen to my breathing as normal. We sat back down and he said ‘is that one of those sport bras I see? I’ve heard lots about them’ and I just kind of shrugged. (I’m 14 btw) Is this innapropraite? Should I tell my mum? I just think it’s inappropriate to talk about my underwear like that. What do you think? What should I do??
Thanks guys!

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Alexandra,

    If you ever feel uncomfortable, it’s totally okay to talk to your mum & tell her how you feel!

    • Posted by Alexandra Pryor

      Yes but do you think it was innapropriate if him or at I being silly?

  • Posted by Babybear

    I personally think its innapropriate, and if it made you feel uncomfortable than it was more than likely inapropraite. Just talk to your mum and maybe ask to change your doctor to a girl doctor, maybe that would make you more comfortable x

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