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Is he sending me a sign?

So recently i posted about my period at a pool party situation. Well I learnt to use a tampon and it was fine. Although I did leak through… But my friends helped me out and no one saw!! Well there was a guy there that I’ve had a crush on for like a year and a bit. I thought that he liked this other girl and I was fine with him not liking me because if he was happy I was (as cheesy as that sounds xD) But that night at the pool party I couldn’t help but think that he may like me a bit. (since I had the leak i couldn’t swim after dinner) So i was out the pool playing by myself with the soccer ball. (my friends were sitting beside me just watching) when the guy came out of the pool and we started playing soccer together! And I didn’t know how I was getting so many goals because this guys is like a pro at soccer. (he was probably just letting me win) but then he left out of the blue and went back to the pool. so i’m really confused? did he just want to get out the pool or hand out with me? But then again after he comes back… What is he doing?!? Any ideas?

  • Posted by jhart7979

    UM…… im sorry but that is confusing for me as well! maybe he was trying to get u to come in the water with him by repeating it over a couple of times idk, or maybe he likes u but he just doesn’t want to make it obvious or he could be shy. well if he goes to ur school or something u could c if he does things like this with u at school and if he repeats things like this it may mean that he likes u or he wants to be friends but that’s for u to figure out that part

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