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Is it my period??

I’m 14 yrs old and I’ve never had my period. I have had discharge for over 2 yrs and have hair down there. I just discovered brown discharge. It’s not very dark, like when blood dries. It’s pretty light brown… is it my first period? Like, should I tell my mom that I started my period? Help me, idk what it is.

  • Posted by jess.hill

    when i first got my period, it was brown and no where near blood red. if you feel comfortable enough to talk to your mum about your situation then i suggest to do so. if not then maybe just hold off until the next time you get it to see if its a regular thing which would sugest it is your period. im going to assume it is so congrats on getting your first period 🙂

  • Posted by stephj0204

    #RemovedByUser# It I st your period but its a sigh that you’ll get it soon

  • Posted by catlovinggal

    Hi again! Thanks for the answer. The ”period” seemed to go away the second day so I didn’t tell anyone, but the day after that it came back, alone with cramps DX. I told my mum and I now have my period… it sucks haha

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