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Is she doing the right thing?

Hello everyone, I really need some advice. I met my best friend last week and I realized that she is not happy with her married life. She wants a divorce from her husband. She says she is not happy with her sex life and she would never be if she continues this relationship. It seems like her husband has a problem of low libido. However, I advised her that there are [url href=]plenty of low sex drive in men treatment available these days[/url] and that he would get better. But she is too adamant and she just wants to get rid of this relation. I have met her husband a few times and I think he really is a good human. Off course things would be a little frustrating for her, but if they opt for a treatment then I’m sure things would be fine. I don’t think going for a divorce would be right in any way. However, it seems like her husband had kept her away from the truth of his condition for sometime and that’s the reason she is so furious and wants a separation. But I just don’t think she is doing the right thing. What do you all think about this? Is she right or me?

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