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LADIES – favourite ways to exercise?

I’m feeling a little unmotivated when it comes to exercise, which is really not how I wanted to start my new year!

Looking for ways to mix up my exercise routines? What are YOUR favourite ways to work out?


  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Anything ladiessssss? ?

  • Posted by Angela Kaing

    Hi Gemmah,
    I can feel you right now!! especially in iso it is not fun and not motivated. lately, I’ve been changing up exercises, it could be playing sport (like badminton, tennis or even soccer) practising skills to master then I would do some HITT workouts (there is a lot of good ones on youtube FYI) then change it to a simple walk or run with a friend! when it comes to motivation friends can help you get motivated, I mean who doesn’t like spending time with their friends am I right? if you don’t feel like doing anything then do something that will keep you active like cleaning the house.
    hope this helps 🙂

  • Posted by Alie H

    I sail (competitively) and horse ride (just for fun, I do compete but I’m not serious) for horse riding the training is Easy cause it’s with my lease horse and I love her, so for that, I think it is just that finding ways to make training fun. For sailing, I do struggle with motivation a bit more but being I sail twice a week in summer and once a week in winter, but I do try and use the Hicking bench twice a week as well to keep my self focused I move it to in front to the tv or put music on which helps.
    I don’t if that is helpful or not but thought I would share.

  • Posted by Mackenzie Murnane

    I love swimming and running

  • Posted by Mackenzie Murnane

    I love racing my friends in the pool it’s really fun

  • Posted by Priyanka Balroop

    Hey Gemmah
    I recommend finding a fitness routine on YouTube to suit what’s right for u. U could also play some music while exercise. Personally I don’t exercise but u could also try some yoga or just do some sports like tennis or swimming. I hope this help u or other girls to feel motivated 🙂

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Love these suggestions!

    Is there anyone on Youtube that you would recommend? 💗

    Love Gem x

  • Posted by Priyanka Balroop

    um I personally do Anna McNulty shes pretty cool

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Ooh thanks so much @Priyanka. I’ll definitely check her out. 💪🏼

  • Posted by Anonymous

    @priyanka I love anna as I do acrobatic gymnastics and contortion.

    and I would defiantly recommend gymnastics as it is very athletic and full of exercise.

  • Posted by Ruby Hyland

    Ohh cool you do gymnastics I do tumbling gymnastics also I would recommend Harry Langdon

  • Posted by Tatiana N

    I like swimming, I’m not that good at it though. I also like to ride my bike and run outside.

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