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so i’m 12 turning 13 soon and i don’t have my period yet. i know this is still normal and healthy and everything, and that i should “enjoy it while i can”, but i just feel really left out. i’m the smallest of all my friends and the only one that hasn’t started their period. (also I’ve had discharge since i was like 10 so idrk how that works)
any advice? 🙁

  • Posted by orange-elephant19

    Honestly, periods are horrible, so you should enjoy not having them for as long as you can! I was always the smallest of all my friends as well, and I sometimes felt left out too, but eventually I learnt to enjoy it! It makes you different and unique. In fact, you should be boasting about not having your period! You don’t have to bleed every month, how lucky! I would be so envious of you. While they’re off PMSing and having cramps, you can be off enjoying yourself! You’ll get your period eventually, don’t worry. I was 14 when I got mine, and at age 12 I was nowhere near ready (emotionally or physically) to get my period. I didn’t even start puberty until I was 13! Everyone is different and everything will happen at the right time.

  • Posted by kitty spears

    okay so idk if if anyone is even gonna see this but literally just a few days ago i actually had some spotting… just a little bit of dried red-brown stuff that was like discharge so that pretty much means im gonna get my actual period really soon!!

  • Posted by Brydizzle


    I am 12 – turning 13 in Feb – and when I was 10 or 11, I had spotting and some discharge, but never got my period until April this year.
    You may feel left out, but honestly, you don’t have to avoid swimming, talk to you parents about it, confront your Dad – eek – or even go to the bathrooms every lesson of the school day. I don’t know your definition of small, whether that is height (your friends really tall and your average), puberty small, I don’t know, but it may all come down to genetics. My mum didn’t get her period till she was 15-16! You may want to go check with your local GP, if you are concerned, but I would advise that you turn to your mum, an older sis (if you have one), a counsellor or a BFF (your age or older) for period advice!

    Hope this helps!
    – Brydizzle x

  • Posted by francesca walters

    Don’t worry! I am 16 and have still not gotten my period, and all my friends keep reminding me how lucky i am!

  • Posted by Charlotte Davies

    Hey girl I’m exactly the same but just hang in there you’ll start growing soon and you’ll get your period don’t worry 🙂

  • Posted by Ruby Hyland

    I’m 11-12 and I got my period it’s horrible the cramps the bleeding 🩸 I was so embarrassed when I got it because a boy saw blood dripping down my leg I was not ready for it but lucky me mum had Libra pads for me to wear and everything was sorted. I had to run cross country practice with my period today the cramps were horrible then plus a stitch ughhhhhh
    Life sucks when your period is around.

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